"reality, beatiful ilusion."

Paula Ilusion

Portofolio Ink

"Vicent. ink/2018">download

Paula Ilusion

Portofolio Oil, Venus.

"Venus. oil/2017">download

"Venus Detail.1/3 oil/2017">download

"Venus Detail.2/3 oil/2017">download

"Venus Detail.3/3 oil/2017">download

"Venus Zsidestudy.path.of.pleasure oil/2017">download

"Venus Zsidestudy.7Venus oil/2017">download

Paula Ilusion


I started out my journey in the investigation of aesthetics from the theoretic and metal ground, only slowly understanding the practical essence of it, its sensuality and nomenclature of feeling. In autodidactic studies over the last 6 years i explored many different modes and materials, always searching for a better way of expressing of the experienced intercostal layers of reality. 2012 i discovered my love for oil colors and they have been my prefered medium of report ever since. Im my paintings i fuse philosophical and psychological concepts, aesthetic emotions and visions onto the underlying, overlying or intermediate realties.